Department of Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, SINTEF AS, Norway

SINTEF is one of Europes largest research organisations with more than 2000 employes. In AquaHealth, SINTEF will use more than 20 years of experience in both classical and omic-based bioprospecting for new proteins, enzymes and bioactive compounds for a wide range of applications to search for new compounds in microalgae microbiome to prevent and treat diseases in aquaculture systems. SINTEF will employ advanced R&D infrastructure platforms for molecular biology, omics technologies and bioinformatics, robotic and FACS-based high-throughput screening, bioprocess technology and fermentation, and advanced chemical analyses.

SINTEF Team biotechnology

Dr. Alexander Wentzel
Senior Researcher


Dr. Gunhild Hageskal
Research Scientist


Dr. Simone Baltzer Le
Research Scientist
Malene Jønsson
Research Engineer
Dr. Tonje MB Heggeset
Research Scientist

Hamburg University of Technology
Institute of Environmental Technology and Energy Economics
Blohmstrasse 15
D-21079 Hamburg